This is true story about two friends.Tony and Ben.是一篇阅读理解吗?能


This is true story about two friends.Tony and Ben.是一篇阅读理解吗?能提供原题吗?
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This is a true story about two friends, Tony and Ben.
One day Tony said to Ben, “I’m sure that one day you will be 1 .”
“Really?” Ben smiled and said, “If I do, I will
2 you 100,000 yuan.”
Tony just thought of it as a 3 , but Ben was serious and looked on it as his hope. He wrote down his words on a piece of paper.
Twelve years 4 , the two friends were living in different cities and didn’t keep in touch with each other. Tony still lived a poor life, and
5 was worse, he fell seriously ill. However, he had no money to go to hospital. When his family was worried, a man 6 his car in front of their house. It was Ben. He really became successful and rich. 7 one of his classmates, Ben knew about Tony’s problem. He was very sad
8 couldn’t wait to go to visit Tony.
They were very excited to see each other. Ben asked Tony not to give up (放弃) 9 , and then he handed 100,000 yuan to Tony’s wife.
“The money is for Tony. Many years ago, Tony’s words encouraged (鼓励) me a lot. It made me successful today. Now it’s 10 time to keep my promise (承诺),” Ben said.
( )1. A. poor B. lonely C. successful D. funny
( )2. A. borrow B. give C. cost D. discover
( )3. A. competition B. litter C. plan D. joke
( )4. A. later B. ago C. before D. around
( )5. A. when B. what C. how D. where
( )6. A. stopped B. broke C. started D. touched
( )7. A. On B. From C. In D. Of
( )8. A. but B. or C. though D. and
( )9. A. family B. study C. hope D. interest
( )10. A. my B. your C. their D. his